Work with Us - Picture U Photography

We are Jeff and Emma, father and daughter photographers located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have an eye for portrait and family photography, but will photograph anything and everything we can frame in the viewfinder. We are not studio photographers and prefer to capture your candid memories in the “world” that you know. Combining our patience, creative sensibilities and technical know-how, we strive to provide you with the best work possible that is artistic, emotional and special – photographs that will be enjoyed and cherished by all and generations to come.

Services & Fee Schedule

Portraits, Candid's, Functions & Events (Greater Phoenix metropolitan area)

 -- $250 fee to be collected at photo shoot

 -- Fee covers 1/2 hour consultation and 2 hour photo shoot

 -- Shoot times over 2 hours will be charged at $100 per hour

 -- Up to 30 digital photos from the shoot are included in the above pricing; additional digital photos exceeding 30 will be charged $5 per digital photo

 -- Prints, enlargements, photo book, etc., are an additional charge at current rates

 -- Shoots outside the greater Phoenix metropolitan area will incur an additional negotiated fee


 -- Fees to be negotiated